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Hôtel swing

"Hotel Swing" is a show that brings us in the middle of 30's / 40's french swing.
It's a tribute to Gypsy Swing and to the most talented french singers of that time : Jean Sablon, Charles Trenet, Fernandel, Edith Piaf .... An authentic sound embellished with a modern touch.
Native from south of France, between Avignon and Uzès, that band is first a "band of friends" and old french songs passionate peoples.

  • Loïc Gonzalez / 
    vocal - vocal trumpet - drums
  • Adrien Coulomb / 
    double bass
  • Ludovic Pradarelli / 
  • Quentin Buxo / 



Newspaper articles

  • Benjamin Tanguy, Jazz a Vienne programer, discovered a beautiful jewel again.
    Interesting find is that band who cover 30's and 40's French songs . "It's not old men music, it was written by young people .... long time ago!"
    They mixed songs from Jean Sablon (Cette chanson, Ces jolies choses), Fernandel (L'amour incompris et le très drôle Tango corse), Charles Trenet (Rendez-vous sous la pluie), André Pasdoc (Pourquoi, pourquoi) and Django Reinhardt too (Dinette, Dream of you).
    All these songs are played in gypsy swing style and before everything else, sung with conviction by the spotless Loic Gonzalez, who carried people away with him without a problem.
    Touching moment, when smiling seniors spontaneously sung the chorus of "Le Tango Corse".
    Indeed, that band brings us a good mood fresh wind.

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